For The Record Week - Day 4

July 25, 2019

Hey there!

Elena here, with a fun card featuring For The Record:

I think this makes such a cute card, especially for a guy! The kids gave this card to their daddy for Father's Day back in June and he loved it! I started out by stamping the record layer in a crisp black ink. I then took a light grey copic marker and colored over the whole thing, to make it look more like a vinyl record.

I stamped the record image again onto a sheet of red cardstock, and stamped the sentiment into the center before using scissors to snip it out. I added some extra red ink to the edges for extra interest.

For the pocket, I used a very thin sheet of paper. It's almost vellum, but more opaque than vellum. It's from a drawing pad that I keep around the house. I used the highlighter edge of a red copic marker to make the stripes, and then stamped the sentiment over top of them. I love the font on that sentiment! It's so retro!

The record fits into the sleeve, and you're done! The kid wrote their messages on the back of the record.

I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!



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