Age Is Irr-elephant Week - Day 1

April 17, 2023

Hi there!

Elena here, with a fun card featuring Age Is Irr-elephant:

This card makes me smile so big! I really wanted to bring the party, so I used the Oval Burst die as a frame for a shaker element. I filled the shaker with heart sequins in pastel colors that matched the rest of the card.

Then, I added the elephant blowing out her own candle (the motion lines were added on top of the acetate with a white gel pen), and colored 3 presents for her special day. To add every more party fun, I colored 2 banners and placed them at the top of the oval burst die.

The sentiment was stamped in 2 parts, and trimmed into simple rectangles. 

I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by.

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